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Ready to have some big crushes? Here is our selection of pieces to shop before spring come !
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February 14, Valentine's Day, is the only day of the year dedicated to love. However, this year it will be a February 14 different from the others. Restaurants closed, curfew at 6 p.m. But don't get too depressed because a successful Valentine's Day starts with a Valentine that looks like you.
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This week we would like to present our lingerie collection to you in this new, more fun and interactive format.
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In recent years, lingerie has been omnipresent in our life. It has become a flagship element of our wardrobe. Whether you prefer comfortable lingerie or, on the contrary, more elaborate, nude colors rather than flashy colors, you necessarily have a penchant for sexy lingerie.
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A few weeks ago, Beauty’s Seduction announced the launch of its first 100% digital catalog. Available on our website under “our magazines”, you can directly access your favorite articles by flipping through your phone. Ecological and economical, there will no longer be any need for paper for the design of the catalog.